gameshow engine | real time graphics | 2022-2023

The program "Don't forget the lyrics" is a contemporary entertainment program, in which the participants have to fill in (and sing!) the gaps in the texts of popular music hits.

In cooperation with Endemol Shine Polska created the core gameplay system running multiple show elements in a live studio environment.

The system operated by consists of rendering engine and game management system

On September 4, the first episode of the game show "Don't forget the lyrics" ("Tak to lecało") was broadcast on Polish television.

The components of the system are synchronization of light and sound on the set, displaying graphics in the studio, and integration with OB Van.

A key component of the software is creating transparency and an easy-to-use interface that freely allows you to fill in the gaps with the correct text of the song.

The entire system to support the program by our studio allows the following:

  • generating realtime graphics for the studio LED walls and onscreen graphics for broadcast;

  • automatic and dynamic adjustment of the difficulty of music puzzles relative to the stage of the game;

  • signal integration with lighting, audio and broadcast.

During the recordings, the system allows for:

  • managing songs and music puzzles by the editorial team;

  • text display synchronization with the music band;

  • realtime music puzzle text completion by the editorial team;

In addition, the System has a built-in module for managing and arranging music puzzles:

  • preparation of the song (author, title, year, lyrics);

  • playing music puzzles (indicating the text of the puzzle for 3 different levels of difficulty);

  • text and puzzles editor with a fast and intuitive UI.