Behind the Scenes of You Can Dance New Generation

Last week In Poland the final episode of the second season of You Can Dance New Generation took place. In cooperation with Endemol Shine Polska, we had the opportunity to take part in this fantastic production, dealing with generative onscreen graphics in real time. While there are various computer graphics solutions on the market, each has its limitations. To better meet the challenges of the live programming environment, we have developed our own dedicated tool for greater flexibility.

YCD main

Our system's advantage is the ability to influence the appearance, content, and duration of graphics without the need for graphic designers to intervene. We can make last moment changes on the fly at any moment of the show. We've created custom scripts that give operators access to keyboard shortcuts, enabling them to modify the content, position, and type of displayed captions, which greatly simplifies production. Thanks to a specially designed user interface, it's easy to edit and organize content into specific lists, such as end credits, SMS voting bars, social media promotion graphics, participant names, and any other element needed for a given shot. As we develope this tool in house we can easily add all the necessary features on the fly.

We are happy that once again we could cooperate with the great team of Endemol Shine Polska! See you on the next production!