Nike's Air Max Day 2023!

For the occasion of Nike Air Max Day 2023, were delighted to cooperate with FIX8Group and We Make Studio to work on two extrordinary inetractive experiences in Dubai and Belgrade for the HATTER Agency who had been engaged by Nike to bring the Maxxed Out Studio to these spectacular locations.

Nike 23

Studio was responsible mainly for the interactive corridor leading to the main installation, in which we configured the system responsible for capturing the signal from the cameras and developed filters that modify the image displayed on the monitors. A different filter was applied to each monitor. A significant part of our work concerned the multimedia station, where we developed a system for generating responsive visualizations reacting in real time to any changes introduced in the music being gnerated by the user. We divided the visuals we created into sections representing the bass line, drums, melody and vocals. We displayed the visualizations on LED screen cloumns and Astera Titain LED battens. This required us to divide the exhibition space according to the provided map reflecting the location of all LED screens and lamps. We were also responsible for creating a system componnet to combine the generated soundtrack with the generated visualizations into an output file, which was then exported to the cloud for user download.

It's been an exciting and challenging project to be working again with our friends at Team HATTER, Team FIX8Group and Team We Make Studio It was a great opportunity to showcase our skills and create an unforgettable experience for Nike customers. Below we can see amazing videos from this event!