• Creation of complete, individual solutions (game-engine) for the purposes of partitioning programs:
    – question modules
    – real-time co-ordination: the state of money in the game, time counter, question rendering, etc.
    – control system and lighting management in the studio, depending on the state of the game
    – real-time coordination of all systems needed to conduct the game (audio, game, sensors, game mechanics, questions)
    – managing a management panel, collecting information and monitoring of the course of the game for: a resident, a producer, a production manager
    – the possibility of providing separate additional integrated tools supporting the pre-production process and post-production

  • We specialize in producing and analyzing images in real time. From rendering (creating) an application’s graphical user interface (GUI) to real-time image analysis and interactive 3D computer graphics to produce an illusion of motion. This means that the user can respond to rendered images in real time, producing an interactive experience.

  • Working directly with our customers we gain a thorough understanding of your application and requirements, which allows us to design flexible and customized electronic solutions for a wide variety of industrial applications and environments.

  • Virtual studio in which it is possible to draw facial expressions of players and embed them on a virtual model, record human movements and its position, and rebuild its structure real-time, optical reading of game parameters, Sterooscopic 3D stuido. The above-mentioned tools can be used to create virtual reality for popular network games such as: League of Legends, Counter-Strike etc.

  • We connect various sensor systems with each other in order to match them to a specific project.eg: motion sensors, optic sensors, vibration sensors, various types of encoders.

  • We provide high-quality audio/visual solutions based upon the latest technology available.  We use various communication protocols with external devices tailored to a specific project, e.g. GPiO, Artnet, UDP, Midi.

  • Notch is real time render engine for the needs of concerts, show-ups, mass events. This system created amazing 3D visual effects which can be used witch real world performance and works witch sound, lights and board cast video system.

  • We are constantly working on improving our services and products so that our clients can benefit from the latest technological achievements. As part of R & D activity, we test revolutionary ideas and create prototypes of innovative solutions.